Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Spring Didn't Arrive Early... We Were Teased!

Now that spring is finally showing up in Central Virginia, the homes and businesses in Lexington, Staunton, Waynesboro, Charlottesville and Harrisonburg are beginning to show the algae and dirt from over the years. Blue Ridge Exterior Cleaning has the equipment, training and experience to clean the exterior of your property.

Soft washing is our number one method for cleaning since most surfaces do not need high pressure to get them clean. Our soft wash process uses about 70 - 80 psi to get the job done. When soft washing doesn't work, we start off with a low pressure tip in our hot and cold pressure washer after we have pre-treated the surface with the proper cleaning agent. Our goal is to get your property as clean with as little pressure as possible. 

 Examples Of Soft Washing


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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Will We Have An Early Spring?

More than a week of 60 plus degree days in Virginia bring us out of our homes after a mild winter. We look around the yard to assess the work that might need to be done. It might not be for weeks that we notice the green and black growing on our siding, gutters, walls, fences and decks. The house is starting to look dirty and old! 

Looking at all the different areas that need cleaning, it starts to become an overwhelming task as you look at the spring and summer ahead. There is only one answer to to this daunting dilemma!

Call the experts at...

With many years of experience with both residential and commercial cleaning, Blue Ridge Exterior Cleaning can handle your worst cleaning project. General liability, workers compensation, nationally trained and uniformed employees; you know you are getting the best treatment. 

When it comes to the exterior of your home, improper equipment, cleaning agents and techniques can make a big difference with the outcome. Roof cleaning is not a DYI or handy man project and could end disastrously.

Give Blue Ridge Exterior Cleaning a call. Set up a time to have your home cleaned and come home from work to a new home!

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Monday, October 24, 2016

As Winter Approaches...

We tend to get busy with things like raking leaves, covering or putting lawn furniture away and winterizing our lawn equipment that we sometimes forget the big things that can cause problems throughout the winter.

  • Clean your gutters! Some people have their gutters cleaned when they notice a problem. Water overflowing in the front and even worse, the back, will cause damage you may not see for years. As the gutter overflows, water is wicked into the fascia where the spikes or screws are holding the gutter in place. Over time these keep getting wet and begin to rot. With the weight of leaves and water the gutter will pull away from the house and could fall to the ground. The repair is more than the gutter cleaning would have cost. Clean your gutters after the leaves fall in late fall and once again at the end of spring. Water will flow freely throughout the year. 
                                                        Don"t neglect your gutters.
  •  Check your detectors!  Better than checking them, Change the batteries every year when the time changes. Doing it at the same time every year even if the batteries are "good" could save your life.
  • Check your windows for air gaps. Over time caulk can crack leaving small areas for wind and water to penetrate. Something as simple as a five dollar tube of caulk could save money in heating bills. See that all window sashes will close completely and will lock, By locking the window it makes a tight seal. Chances are, you won't be opening the windows for a few months.
  • Remove hoses from hose bibs! Even if you have no freeze hose bibs, a connected hose will not allow the water to be released and could end up freezing your hose bib. Just unscrewing the hose from the hose bib and  turning off the shut off valve to your hose bibs will save money and aggravation. 
  • Check the chimney! Make sure your chimney is clean before you start the fire. A small chimney fire could crack the liner leaving your fireplace unusable and leave you with a very costly repair.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Blue Ridge Exterior Cleaning

Blue Ridge Roof Cleaning of Virginia changed the name this year to Blue Ridge Exterior Cleaning. With roof cleaning as our main focus, we have been cleaning the entire exterior of homes and commercial property for many years and felt the name change better reflected all of our services.

  • Low Pressure Roof Cleaning
    • Asphalt, Cedar, Slate, Metal
  • Low Pressure House Washing
    • Vinyl, Stained Siding, Composite, Painted Wood
  • Deck Cleaning and Stripping
    • Wood, Vinyl, Composite
  • Wood Siding Stain Stripping
  • Fence Cleaning Wood and Vinyl
  • Pressure Washing Hot and Cold
  • Gutter Brightening
  • Gutter Filters
  • Red Clay and Rust Removal


Friday, March 25, 2016

Pressure Washers Can Cause Injury

Anyone can go to their favorite hardware store or big box store and purchase a pressure washer to clean everything around their home. Each year there are injuries from these powerful machines. Most people take them home, hook them up and away they go. They are unaware of the real pressure that comes out of the tips and that the tips sold with them are designed to clean hard surfaces. They also don't know that the way to reduce the pressure is to buy tips that have bigger orifices.

Before you go out and buy a pressure washing thinking you're going to clean the world, think of the bodily injury or the damage you can do to your home. In the end, it might be a lot cheaper to hire a professional who knows the machine they are using and takes time to go to national training and seminars to become well educated on the use of a machine that can produce damaging pressure.

"Consumer Reports no longer recommends pressure washers that come with nozzles or adjustable wand tips that produce sprays of less than 15 degrees."

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Blue Ridge Exterior Cleaning

After five years of operating as Blue Ridge Roof Cleaning of Virginia we have changed the name to Blue Ridge Exterior Cleaning. Our emphasis will still be soft washing roofs and siding but we offer so many other services that changing the name made sense. We have the ability to clean all of the exterior surfaces on your home or business and now that we have added a vacuum system, we can clean places that were difficult to clean in the past.

Our new reclaiming triple vacuum intake surface cleaner can clean places where water could be a problem such as apartment breezeways and restaurant tile floors. Control over spray from pressure washing sidewalks, warehouse floors, tile surfaces and more. Sanitize with up to 250 degree water and have dry floors in minutes. This surface cleaner is hooked up to a vacuum and removes 90 - 98% of the water. See this process on YouTube.