Every week I hear someone say, "I didn't know a roof could be cleaned." I take the time to explain our process and that we use the method that is recommended by roof manufacturers and the Asphalt Roof Manufactures Association. I go on to explain in detail the entire process from start to finish. In order to clean a roof properly, there are a lot of things that need to be considered. Travel to the home, height of the house, pitch of the roof, gutters or not, vegetation and of course, safety. Some of the things we do are never seen such as, training and safety meetings, endless maintenance on equipment and trucks, obtaining supplies and the transfer of cleaning chemicals to the truck that come in bulk form after we pick them up locally. One of the large expenses is general liability insurance, workers compensation and commercial truck insurance.

When we bid/price a job, all of the above has to be taken into consideration. We want our customers to be protected in case of the unforeseen. Our insurance is important and gives our customers peace of mind, knowing if there is damage or an unfortunate injury, our insurance will take care of everything.

It is unfortunate that so many people do not ask about insurance. It seems they assume it is something that is in place. Not all companies have both general liability and workers compensation. For sole proprietors in Virginia, they are not required to have workers compensation until they have more than two full or part time employees. This does not get the property owner off the hook if an employee is injured. Some companies go without general liability insurance, hoping there is not a problem. In the event there is damage, the property owner is left with a big mess and most likely will have to pay for the repair.

Price is not always the best way to go. The lowest price might leave things undone and cut corners. We tend to want the best pay when we get a new job but when it comes to our home or even our vehicles, we seek out the lowest price. So many of us have horror stories when going this route.
Blue Ridge Roof Cleaning of Virginia goes the extra mile! We keep our equipment well maintained, train our employees and pay them well. We spend hours keeping up to date with industry information, new equipment and insurance that will take care of any claim that might arise.

When hiring an exterior cleaning contractor, take into account that there could be a reason why one company might be a little higher in price than another. Protect your property, ask questions.